Untitled The Geekery Post: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Here’s something almost everyone at Geek to Geek has played and loved: Xenoblade Chronicles 2! 13th_Story talked about the game in his post on constructing good video game towns, Beej and Void have talked about it on their podcast, and Capsulejay wrote a bit about on his blog. [Provide links to each of these]. Well, guess what? We love Xenoblade Chronicles so much, that we’re dedicating an entire post to it! So strap yourselves in, and welcome to Alrest–where cities are on the backs of Titans, and anime tropes run rampant!

Austin King

I love my wife, my three daughters, JRPGs, & old wooden ships. I write stuff. Obsessed with #DragonQuest. Podcast: @dragonquestfm

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