[Keywords] Final Fantasy XIV and Hooks

[Keywords] Final Fantasy XIV and Hooks

Welp, an MMO finally got its claws in me. Makes some sense that it’d be Final Fantasy XIV. But this isn’t the first time I’ve made a pass at this particular MMO – so why does Final Fantasy XIV work for me now?

Fall Guys Guide: An Anti-Competitive Primer

I love playing Fall Guys. I am also terrible at playing Fall Guys. These two things aren't even at odds; rather, they feed each other. That floor-level skill barrier is a unique feature of a unique game; it's always a thrill when a new type of game pops up on the...

Is Chrono Cross a Successful Sequel?

Be sure to continue the fun with our Chrono Trigger 25th Anniversary Celebration by checking out all our other posts! Chrono Cross is available on Playstation and on PSN for PSP, PSVita, and PS3. Welcome to, as Beej and Austin have discovered, the second North...

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