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Author: Troy Dunham

Troy Dunham

Gravity Circuit Loves Mega Man Just as Much as You

Gravity Circuit looks like a Megaman clone with a gimmick, but it executes on that premise perfectly.
Troy Dunham

Gordian Quest Brings Deckbuilding Mechanics to an RPG Adventure

With cards to collect and nodes to explore, Gordian Quest brings some of my favorite rogue-lite mechanics into a persistent world for an epic adventure.
Troy Dunham

Star Trek: Infinite Goes Warp Speed While I’m Stuck at Impulse.

As a lifelong Star Trek fan I want to love the new 4X grand strategy game, but there's so much going on that I can't connect with any of it.
Troy Dunham

Known Quantities from PAX West 2023

PAX West is great for new games, but we also wanted to highlight a few games we were already pretty familiar with but still loved seeing at PAX West 2023.
Troy Dunham

Wargroove 2 Welcomes New and Returning Players Spectacularly

Wargroove was the game that filled the space when Advance Wars seemed forgotten, and now Wargroove 2 has made me realize it's the franchise I'm nostalgic for!
Troy Dunham

Chaotic and Clever Multiplayer Games from PAX West 2023

Even for someone who feels like they've aged out of multiplayer games, PAX West 2023 had some really creative and interesting highlights for groups to play.
Troy Dunham

Games Inspired By Other Games at PAX West 2023

These PAX West games wear their inspirations on their sleeves, on their pants legs, and on neon headbands on their forehead.
Troy Dunham

Lies of P Has a Silly Gimmick, but the Core Gameplay is Perfect

I assumed that the Pinocchio gimmick was all Lies of P would have to offer, but after just a few hours it's already my favorite non-From Souls-like!
Troy Dunham

Retro Revivals from PAX West 2023

PAX West 2023 featured a few games that throwback to a simpler time in gaming, but with some modern twists (for better or worse).
Troy Dunham

30XX Is Great, But Might Be a Bit Too Random

30XX is an immensely satisfying and easy-to-pick-up Megaman-like, but victory feels a bit too dependent on random ability upgrades.

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