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Adventures in Astoltia (Part Five): Hanging Out with the Elves

Welcome back to Adventures in Astoltia!

Last time, we saved the ogre king from a really bad headache and a magical necklace. This time around, we're catching the train to the elven island to see what's going on with these cute little winged creatures. And if you're allergic to cuteness, then beware. Everything about the elves screams cutesy. From little girls who wander around with dolls to reindeer that prance through the forest, there's a serious fairytale vibe here.

While most of our story revolves around our elven girl in the kimono (Fuura), there's plenty of other stuff to love about the village. I loved the Asian-inspired architecture and surrounding zones, especially the trees with their cherry blossoms. Everything about this place screams “magical Japanese fairytale,” and I loved it.

These Aren't Your Grandpa's Keebler Elves

Elves have a wide range of looks. If you close your eyes, you could picture elves of all sorts. Maybe you picture the elves of Tolkien all tall and mighty, or the scrappy house elves like Dobby in Harry Potter, or the ones who work for Santa, or the cartoonish ones you see stamped on boxes of Rice Krispie Treats or Keebler Cookies. Or, maybe, you picture the winged elves like the Cottingley Fairies.

Fun side note: Arthur Conan Doyle (the guy who invented Sherlock Holmes) was so obsessed with the Cottingley Fairies later in his life that it almost drove him insane. He thought they were real, as did a lot of folks in that time. If you haven't read this weird story before, then you may want to check this story out because it's a good one.

Anyway, the elves in Dragon Quest X have wings and have skin tinged with pink. Our main elf is Fuura, the little girl I mentioned earlier. She's having a squabble with her father, Taketora, who's a kind of lord or mayor of this town.

If the story around the elven town couldn't get more magical, there's also flying reindeer. Or, at least, reindeer who can jump for REALLY long lengths. I have to admit, I loved this part. I don't really know why, other than it felt magical and wonderful.

(Monster) Guys and Dolls

You'll eventually make your way to a tower that seems eerily similar to Rydon's Tower in Dragon Quest VIII. It can be a bit of slog to get to the top of the tower, but once you reach it, you'll encounter Pusugon, a fat yellow monster who really, really, really wants Fuura's doll.

Let's be honest, I don't know why Pusugon wants the doll. I didn't watch a translation video for this part of the game and I neglected to use the translation app on my phone. The character expressions were good enough to convey what was going on, so I just watched and enjoyed the scenes.

Anyway, Pusugon will attack you and your party. What a shocker, right? So, it's time to teach this monster a thing or two.

After you successfully defeat Pusugon, Fuura will end up giving the monster the doll anyway. Turns out, she doesn't need that security blanket anymore. Pusugon is kinda-sorta grateful. After a funny scene involving the doll, Pusugon jumps out the window.

Now all you have to do is trek back to town and get the next minor key emblem on your journey!

Well, that's another key emblem successfully acquired. After Taketora hands it over, you can hop on the train and head to whatever island you wish. I decided to go to the dwarf island, since that's where you get your mount, and I really needed a mount by now.

Next time, we'll visit the dwarves, explore some ruins, and get our dollar board–a nifty little flying scooter that makes traveling 1000 times easier!

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