Dragon Quest FM, S2E7: Dragon Quest of the Stars (First Impressions)

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This week on Dragon Quest FM, we're geeking out about the new mobile RPG, Dragon Quest of the Stars! The game released on the night of February 24 for us, so we we managed to log in quite a few hours before recording the episode. As usual, our play styles are really different. B.J. is chugging through content and unlocking stuff left and right, while Austin is sidetracked by side quests.

We discuss the combat system, treasure maps, RNG, “Gacha” mechanics, cool gear, and new characters. Along the way, find out our honest opinions about the dirty old man who lives inside a book, our pink squirrel friend, and a slime named Gregooey. Also, hear us gush about the cool weapons and equipment we've found in the game. And the Dragon Lord fight that's going on now? Yep, we even talk about that a bit too.

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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM is a weekly Dragon Quest podcast hosted by Austin and B.J.!


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