Dragon Quest FM, S2 E27 – Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode Four): Towns, Translations, and Final Thoughts

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It's our fourth and final episode of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest IV!

This week, B.J. injured his jaw and can't talk, so he wrote up his thoughts and Austin reads them aloud in the show. We kick things off by giving a REAL NICE THANK YOU to our newest (and anonymous) Patreon patron. Is it someone famous? Yuji Horii, maybe? Ehhh…probably not, no.

For the first part of the episode, we talk about some of our favorite towns like Riverton and Zenithia, dungeons like the Mamon Mines, and random NPCs like Prelvis Esley.

In the second half of the show, we kick things off by discussing the translation controversy that followed after the DS Remake of DQIV. You can find a the interview on DQ Shrine by clicking here. We talk about it quite a bit in this episode. After that, we give our final thoughts on the game and discuss whether or not you should examine DQ IV as a relic of its time, compare it to more modern JRPGs, or a little bit of both.

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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

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