Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Podcast Deep Dive)

If you know Austin and me, then you know that we do our very best to play through any and all of the Dragon Quest games that we can get our hands on. Weirdly enough, we have yet to play through the DQ Monsters games (though we do love the DQ Monsters+ manga). Austin has finally decided to fix that. So he played through Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and then podcasted about his playthrough in real time.

Or as close to real time as a weekly podcast can be. We just wrapped up the series, and we wanted to let you have a chance to listen in case you missed it! So check out the different DQMJ2 episodes of Dragon Quest FM below and hear all about the puntastic and monstrous goodness that comes with the series.

Part 1

Austin starts the game for the very first time and tells B.J. (and you!) all about his first impressions of it–from starting out on the Albatross airship, exploring Treepidation, avoiding giant worms, and getting lost on the way to the Doubtback!

Part 2

This episode is all about Don Mole’s Arena, the Doubtback, and why Iceolation and Cragravation aren’t exactly the funnest areas in the game. Plus, a long chat about video game strategy guides!

Part 3

Austin keeps on talking about his playthrough of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, getting to the Unshore, and finishing up the Rank B, A, and S fights for the Monster Scout Challenge. Plus, some hard bosses, some red dragons, and a small tangent about the D&D episode of Community.

Part 4

Austin and B.J. discuss the news of the upcoming Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream, speculate on DQ12, and then dive into discussing Austin’s final thoughts on Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, now that he’s beaten the game. Plus, hear from other DQMJ2 fans to hear their thoughts on the game as well!

Have you played Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2? Or any of the other Monsters games? What do you think about them?

B.J. Keeton

B.J. Keeton

B.J. is a geek, gamer, podcaster, and livestreamer. He has been the co-host of the Geek to Geek podcast since 2016, and he helped start the Geek to Geek Media Network. His biggest pet peeve is when someone spells Wookiee with only one E. One time, he told his friends he liked vegetables maybe more than he did Star Wars, and they made him put a dollar in the jar. That should tell you everything you need to know about him. Find him on Twitter as @professorbeej or on Discord as @professorbeej#1337.


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