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Q&A With Our Creators: And Sometimes Rob!

Throughout our Spring Fever Party we are taking a closer look into the inner workings of our creators. That means… Question and Answer posts!! Get to know these amazing individuals (and groups) a little better. See who you would want having your back during the zombie apocalypse.
Today's Q&A comes to us from our own Knowby from the podcast And Sometimes Rob.

1. Who are you? What do you do for Geek to Geek?

I’m Rob. Sometimes. I host the show And Sometimes Rob, usually with my wife, The Wife. Previously, I hosted The Comic Box podcast.

2. How did you start writing/podcasting/streaming?

By the time I came to podcasting, it had been a thing for quite a while. I had always loved the idea, but didn’t take the jump until I bought myself a quality microphone for some freelance voiceover work I was doing. That was… 6 years ago?

3. How did you become affiliated with Geek to Geek?

Void and I were college roommates, and did a bit of freelance work together. I heard about the original Geek to Geek Podcast, and when I heard they were expanding, with Beej and Void starting side shows, I jumped at the chance to offer a show of my own and asked if I could ride their coattails and call myself a part of a “network” with cross promotion. So I was there almost from the start!

4. Why would you consider yourself a geek?

I’m a lifelong comic book geek, I love movies (and movie props and costumes), and like so many of us I have the habit of getting WAY too into something while I’m enjoying it.

5. Who is your favorite superhero?

Aunt May. Best wheatcakes around, and she was a herald of Galactus once. (It’s true! Marvel Team-Up #137 – Look it up!) Otherwise, for DC I like Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and Robin, and for Marvel I’m a big fan of the Silver Surfer and Moon Knight. But my list of favorites is pretty long, and shifts depending on what I’m reading!

6. What skills do you have to survive the zombie apocalypse?

I was smart enough to marry The Wife, who is an expert gardener and cook. Otherwise, I’ve read every issue of The Walking Dead…does that help? Let’s say “communication and leadership skills” and leave it at that.

7. What is your favorite type of geekery? (movies, tabletop games, video games, books)

Probably comics, though movies are a very close second. I actually have a degree in Film Studies, so it’s definitely a fight between those two!

8. How did you get into that?

I believe my first comics came from my parents, and then my older brothers. Movies must have been mostly summer films on television, and then the small handful of VHS tapes we had.

9. How many square feet of pizza can you eat?

Pizza should not be cut into squares. But give me the Joey Special from Friends: two pizzas!

10.What is your favorite form of exercise? How will that help with the zombies in question 6?

I enjoy hiking if it’s with good company or a good podcast. Otherwise I prefer weight lifting to cardio. So I guess helping hold the doors shut? HODOR! Aw… now I’m sad.

11.Favorite song?

The Breaking of the Fellowship” off the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. I used to listen to it on repeat at work for hours at a time – great background music that sort of wraps all the film’s themes into one tune.

12.Star Wars or Star Trek?

Broadly Star Trek, though I haven’t seen nearly all of it. Really enjoyed Force Awakens.

13.Favorite board/card game?

There was one I played that also included a laptop – Mansions of Madness or something like that? I enjoy games that introduce a new element for me but aren’t too hard to pick up – like Scene It! back in the day.

14.Super Mario Bros or Zelda?

Easily Mario Bros. Though The Wife’s favorite game of all time is Ocarina of Time

15.Which 3 Geek to Geek members would you want on your team in the zombie apocalypse? Why?

Void for logistics, The Wife to grow food and feed us, and Bama to get the power up and running.

16.What is the most embarrassing fashion fad you have ever rocked?

I wore brightly colored “lounge shirts” from Hot Topic with spider-man on them, along with jorts and a backwards hat. It was a very Kevin Smith look.

17.If aliens asked you to go with them… would you?

I’d have to ask The Wife.

18.If you could be any character in a video or tabletop game… who would you want to be?

I feel like being a character from Fable or some other fantasy game would be fun – one where it’s always nice outside, there’s no realistic elements like sickness or aging, but things like food and magic still exist.

19.Favorite Disney movie?

Maybe The Rocketeer? Unless Marvel films count… For Pixar it’s definitely The Incredibles, and for non-Pixar animation, maybe The Sword in the Stone?

20.What fruit or vegetable would you prefer for throwing at zombies?

So many zombie questions. Should I be worried? I’d say some sort of squash or other gourd – something with a hard outer skin.

21.What was the last TV show you binge-watched?

Jupiter’s Legacy

22.If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Probably not much. You’d still have to get in a car or whatever to get places, and I’m not one for spying on people, pulling pranks or stealing. Maybe just wander around people’s houses/other areas of the Twin Cities to see how other people live? 

23.What is your favorite snack food?

Right now I’ve been enjoying pretzels with caramel and chocolate melted over them. Otherwise fries or tater tots.

24.Name one cool feature you would add to your dream house if you could

Geek cave hidden behind a false wall/bookcase. And then a home theater with props and costumes displayed along the walls.

25.What is the most random, rare form of geekery you love?

Haunted attractions. Less for the scares, more for the set design and engineering how it all comes together. I ran a home haunt for several years, volunteered at a pro haunt and have been to the annual trade show for pro haunts in St. Louis – there’s SO much more that can go into it than people realize. It’s very similar to film production in a lot of ways!

And sometimes rob

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Usually bacon or BBQ sauce.

Where can people find you?

I’m on Twitter @Knowby, and I lurk around the comics & media discord server. Search for And Sometimes Rob on your favorite podcatcher, or visit

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