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How To Play Dragon Quest X Once the Free Trial Ends [Nintendo Switch]

A while back, I wrote about how to play the free trial version of Dragon Quest X on the Nintendo Switch. You can read about that here, if you want. Since then, lots of folks have asked me additional questions about the game as well as sending me some info regarding troubleshooting issues. One of the questions I've gotten most is “How do I play it once the free trial ends?”

Specifically, since the free trial “Easy Play” doesn't require you to set up a Japanese Square Enix account, some people are under the assumption that they'll lose their data. But you don't have to! In fact, there's a pretty easy way to do this. A HUGE thank you to my fellow DQ X friends, Ali and Ryan, who helped me with guides and other super useful materials.

In this post, let's talk about how to get your account linked once “Easy Play” has ended, or whenever you decided to take the leap and subscribe to the game.

Step One – Click That Blue Button

To end “Easy Play” and start the regular version of the game, you'll need a Japanese Square Enix account. You can do this from the Switch, and it's pretty easy.

You'll see something like this on your screen. Click the blue button to start creating your account. However, if you don't create your account through this method, then the data from “Easy Play” WILL NOT transfer. You have to do it this way if you don't want to lose your progress.

Step Two – Create Your Square Enix Account

This will take you to another screen. It looks something like this:

Basically, this is just making sure there's no problem with your account registration. Click OK and then go onto the next screen, which looks something like this:

This is where you'll be asked to put in basic info to create the account. Use a translate app like Google Transalte, if you aren't sure what it says. Remember: you have to do this on the Switch, or else the transfer won't be successful.

Step Three – Verify Your Email

Once you get all of that set up, you'll be sent a verification code via email. Enter the code. The screen looks like this:

Once the code is in, click “OK” and everything should be good to go. You're almost there now!

Step Four – Complete Registration and Enjoy!

If there's no issues, you'll get another email. This one confirms that registration is complete and that you're all set to play Dragon Quest X (and that your character data successfully transferred).

Click “OK” one more time, and that's it! You're ready to play Dragon Quest X beyond the “Easy Play” free trial.

Remember, if you'd like to read more about Dragon Quest X in English, you can check out, where my friend Ryan posts resources and other goodies related to the series. You can also listen to us talk about Dragon Quest X on my podcast, Dragon Quest FM.

If you'd like to read about how to subscribe to the game, head on over to this post and read all about it!

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