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Nintendo Switch Games to Play in January 2022

The month after the holiday rush is usually a bit slower on the ol' release calendar to be sure, but the Switch still has some good cheer left to spread. Check out these January releases that our team is especially looking forward to!

Freddi Fish 3 & Putt-Putt 3 – January 3rd

Edutainment may not be what you normally expect to see here, but it's no less worth calling out in this case! While Humongous Entertainment has re-released its games on Steam and mobile devices in recent years, the Switch's form factor gives them new life once more. These are some of the all-time greats for getting young players into playing adventure games; if you have a little one around to pass the Switch to, these are absolutely the right games for it! – Data_Error

Dead Cells: The Queen & The Sea – January 6th

Dead Cells was the roguelike I picked up when I had my fill of Hades. It plays like a super fast-paced Castlevania game, and is absolutely fun when you're in a run. The rogue-mechanics didn't really hook me as much as Hades did, though, so I never got too far into it. If you're a fan of fast-paced action and haven't checked this one out, you should… especially since they just keep adding content to it like this new update! – Troytlepower

Picross S7 – January 10th

I'm a big fan of picross games after Geek to Geek streamer Geen introduced me to them. The Picross S series has always gotten great reception and I'm excited to see this latest entry. Picross S7 offers touch-screen support and the ability for 2-player fun. If you like puzzle games, check it out! -Elinzia

ASTRONEER – January 13th

Astroneer has been around for a few years now on other platforms, but is finally making its way onto the Nintendo Switch! This space sandbox adventure game offers beautiful graphics, fantastic gameplay, and hours upon hours of fun. Build a base, explore worlds, and enjoy. -Elinzia

Windjammers 2 – January 20th

Windjammers is a not-so-secret favorite among arcade junkies – a snappy player-vs-player sport boasting an air-hockey-like concept with gallons of style and a high skill ceiling. The sequel hasn't missed a beat – it all at once looks both modern and like it leaped straight out of a 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. It's a proven formula, and at this point DotEmu is just adding even more polish and playability to an already-airtight experience. – Data_Error

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 – January 27th

Have you ever been playing a Mega Man game and found yourself saying “I wish this was more anime“? Then the Gunvolt series is for you! This particular game follows Gunvolt's frenemy, Copen, who is basically this franchise's equivalent of Zero from Mega Man, so expect a lot of flashy moves and airdashes. I really get a kick out Gunvolt series's intense action and catchy J-pop music, so I certainly won't say no to another entry. – Capsulejay

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – January 28th

There seems to be no consensus about what to expect from Legends Arceus. It's a big departure from the series' tried-and-true formula after years of stability for some, but stagnation for others. An open-world game on the Switch can be a bit of a gamble – will it deliver on a big promise, or just be a one-off experiment? If nothing else, I'm eager for the release date just to see how it turns out. – Data_Error

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth – January 28th

As a Metroidvania connoisseur, I can say comfortably that Record of Lodoss War is one of the best entries in the genre. I loved it when I streamed the PC version earlier this year, so I'm excited to see that Nintendo fans will get the chance to go on an adventure with everyone's favorite anime elven archer, Deedlit. The story may be a little confusing for those not familiar with the characters from the Record of Lodoss War anime or novels, but this game's beautiful pixel art and finely tuned mechanics alone are more than enough to cement this as a masterful Metroidvania. – Capsulejay

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