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Nintendo Switch Games to Play in May

If you manage to break yourself away from New Pokémon Snap, there’s a lot of games to look forward to coming to the Nintendo Switch in May!

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure – TBD

There's not actually a release date listed for Alba yet, but I'm really hoping it'll land on Switch this month! The game is currently available on iOS via Apple Arcade. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like a wonderful cozy game. You explore a beautiful island cataloging it's wildlife, and it just looks so dang nice!

Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition – May 5

This GameBoy inspired platformer was delisted after the developer and publisher parted ways, but it's coming back thanks to Limited Run Games! Embark on an adventure as a peaceful octopus to try to save the world from a bitter war. Plus, wear lots of different hats!

Famicom Detective Club(s) – May 14

Available for the first time ever in English, Nintendo is bringing back their 1980s Famicom Detective Club games with two gorgeous remakes. These interactive mystery visual novels have you gathering clues and interviewing suspects in order to solve the crimes. If you are a visual novel fan or are just interested in experiencing an obscure piece of Nintendo history, these will be worth checking out. You even get ten bucks off the second game after you purchase the first! – Capsulejay

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield – May 19

This narrative runner doesn't sound like it'll be a long experience, but every moment looks like it's packed with energy and personality. If you haven't tried it yet, download the demo to get a feel for the slick gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and absolutely outstanding soundtrack!

MiiTopia – May 21

I'm not actually super pumped for MiiTopia. It looks… kinda cheesy and silly to me. I'm including it because I've heard a crazy mix of reviews from the 3DS version of the game. Some found it cheesy and silly, while some folks really liked making an RPG entirely populated by characters based on their friends and family. I'm mostly hoping that this game means Nintendo is bringing back some focus on the Miis, because I just love those goofy little guys!

Wanna Survive – May 21

I've been a fan of Strategy RPGs since the first Advance Wars, but it's not a genre I'm actually very good at. Wanna Survive takes an interesting approach to inserting zombies into the genre by having the whole horde of enemies all move at once, which sounds absolutely terrifying. I'm happy to hear that this game has three difficulty levels, so maybe I'll manage to survive the undead onslaught.

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster – May 24

A JRPG classic from the PS2 era returns this month. A slick-looking remake of Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne. As the darker and more complex sibling of Atlus's Persona series, getting into the SMT games can present a bit of a hurdle at first. Considering that this title sparked many fans' love affair with the series, this remake has the potential to provide a good (if not somewhat steep) on-ramp to the franchise. Regardless, we're excited to have a convenient new way to play a beloved entry in this long-running saga! – Capsulejay

Maneater – May 25

Maneater is an RPG where you play as a shark.

What, that's not enough for you? Okay, fine, it's a game where you explore an open world, chomping on other sea creatures (and humans) to gain strength, obtain new body modifications, and open up even more areas. I've played a bit of the game on PS4 and it is ridiculous, dumb, gory fun. Our own Void has called it one of the best 7 out of 10 games ever. With the long-awaited Switch release, you can live out your Jaws fantasies in bed!

World's End Club – May 28

Even though it came out on Apple Arcade late last year, we're happy to see World's End Club make its way to the Nintendo Switch this month. Featuring vivid character designs by artist Takegarou (also known for her work on several recent Pokémon titles) this game will look right at home on Switch. Written by the team behind Danganronpa, World's End Club's story that blends a “death game” with a quirky road trip adventure has the potential to be a wild journey! – Capsulejay

What are you playing in May?

There's plenty of other games coming out, but I hope this list has given you something to look forward to! Leave a comment below or jump into our Discord or Slack and let me know what games you're looking forward to!

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