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Switch Games to Play in August ’22

It's hot. It's so hot. It's way too hot. Don't go outside. Just sit inside, directly in front of a fan, and play some new games on your Switch this August.

August 2: Frogun

I love old-school-styled 3D platformers, and this one has a grappling hook that is also a frog. How can it not be great!?
– TroytlePower

August 11: Cult of the Lamb

Devolver Digital has a fantastic track record for distributing weird and wonderful games. Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-lite action game with town-building mechanics where you, well, start a cult. If it came from anyone but Devolver I'd be a lot more skeptical.
– TroytlePower

August 16: Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince

The first Blossom Tales was a short and sweet throwback to top-down Zelda games that I just finally beat this year. It's an easy recommend for anyone who grew up on the Super Nintendo, and if you pick it up now you'll be able to finish it off just in time for the sequel!
– TroytlePower

August 18: RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

The hand-drawn art style and wild mix of mechanics has me excited to give this one a shot, even though I have almost no idea how it's actually going to play.
– TroytlePower

August 18: Cursed to Golf

Golf Story is one of my favorite games on the Switch, which means I get excited all over again every time I see a game with golfing in it, for better or worse. Here's hoping that this roguelite journey through the afterlife is up to par.
– TroytlePower

August 25: Idol Manager

I rolled my eyes when I saw the title, expecting yet another visual novel lazily ported to Switch. After watching the trailer and reading reviews of the PC version, however, I have to admit that Idol Manager sounds like a deep and immersive simulation that will keep you scrambling to find balance in your up-and-coming idols' schedules.

August 25: SD Gundam Battle Alliance

I'm personally more of a fan of traditional Universal Century Gundam, but there is something undeniably appealing about watching a chibi Gundam hack and slash its way through an army of equally adorably Zaku units. The 3D action looks smooth and clean, and should appeal to fans of the long-running anime franchise.

August 26: Pac-Man World: Re-PAC

A full remake of Pac-Man's first foray into 3D platforming, Pac-Man World Re-Pac tightens up the gameplay and polishes up the graphics to make an old game feel brand spankin' new. As a Pac-Man fan who missed the boat with the original game, I'm looking forward to playing the remake and discovering the lore behind Pac-Man's feud with the antagonistic ghost gang.

August 30: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

I still need to play through Shredder's Revenge, but as soon as I do I know I'm going to want to kick back with these classics!
– TroytlePower

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