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Genshin Impact 1.4 Update: Invitation of Windblume, Rosaria, Hangout Events, and More!

Genshin Impact’s long-awaited Version 1.4 update patch, Invitation of Windblume, is now available, and it’s a doozy! The sizable update brings with it the new character Rosaria, 4-and-5-star weapons, a multi-part festival, and some new dating sim-style hangout events! Here is a breakdown of the more exciting new additions to the breakout hit open world RPG.

update notice for genshin impact 1.4

“Epitome Invocation” Event-Exclusive Weapons

Say farewell to your improved chances of getting a Staff of Homa! (…yeah, I wasn’t going to get one anyways.) The new update’s “Epitome Invocation” weapon banner event adds improved drop rates for a new grouping of weapons. Most notably, Elegy for the End is a 5-star bow exclusive to this event. A 4-star sword called The Alley Flash and the catalyst Wine and Song are also event-exclusive weapons with increased drop rates.

New 4-Star Character: Rosaria

New characters aren’t exactly an uncommon thing in Genshin Impact. While they’re often trickled out between major updates, the polearm-wielding (yup, two in a row!) Rosaria still seems like a big deal because she has been highly anticipated by the community for a long time now.

thorny benevolence? huh

Rosaria is a sister of the Mondstadt Church, and while developer MiHoYo’s description says you can tell this by her attire, I… disagree. Unless your notions of what nuns look like are derived from…ahem…more exotic locales, I guess. The kind with dancing.

Either way, you might have already encountered the icy nun Rosaria while playing through Albedo’s character quest line that was introduced in Genshin Impact version 1.2. Look forward to your chance to add her to your party as soon as the next character event banner update!

Windblume Festival Quests

Similar to February’s Lantern Rite event, a series of quests tied to Mondstadt’s Windblume Festival will be available throughout the coming weeks as part of the Invitation of Windblume event. Players can earn unique currencies which can be traded in for items such as the 4-star Windblume Ode bow.

The festival is split into four “acts,” which will be unlocked over time as the event progresses. Each act, referred to as a Festive Anecdote, brings more quests that can be completed for prizes such as mora, ascension materials, and Primogens.

Hangout Events

Hangout events seem like they have the most potential to be a literal game-changer. Inspired by mechanics from dating sims (or “social links” from Persona if that’s more your thing), Genshin Impact will now allow you to hang out with a small number of characters to increase your affinity with them and view some unique cut scenes. The Version 1.4 update will allow for players to hang out with Barbara, Chongyun, Bennett, and Noelle.

genshin impact 1.4 hangout events

If you’re Adventure Rank 26 or above and have completed Act III of the prologue, you can initiate a Hangout Event by using two story keys. Once initiated, you’ll have a series of conversation choices to make that will affect your companion’s “heartbeat” meter. 

Making the wrong decision can result in your companion’s heartbeat meter depleting and you failing the hangout event. So choose wisely, and don’t you dare immediately make a move on sweet, innocent Barbara. You monster!

Other Additions and Changes

There are plenty more minor changes in the Version 1.4 update as well! A new elite monster called the Abyss Herald is being added to the Archon Quest. Plus new recipes and gadgets will be available, and as with any update, there will be a host of small balance adjustments.

One interesting change for those who are higher up in Adventure Rank is the ability to lower the “World Level” after reaching level 5. Lowering the level or restoring it can be done once every 24 hours. For those who have reached the Adventure Rank cap of 60, any Adventure EXP earned will be converted to mora at a rate of 10 mora per 1 Adventure EXP.

Celebrating the Country of the Four Winds

The Invitation of Windblume event seems to be a very appropriate celebration of Mondstadt and its Anemo-centric culture.

Are you more excited to try out Rosaria’s Elemental abilities or to initiate some hangout events with your longtime companions to strengthen your bonds?

Either way, the Version 1.4 update should appeal to fans both old and new of Genshin Impact. If you’re the latter, be sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide!

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