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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM S2 E28 – Listener Q & A (Part One: Austin’s Answers)

This week, B.J. is still out because of his jaw, so we split our answers into two separate episodes. He'll be back next week to give his answers on everything. This week, though, Austin answered a wide variety of questions regarding Dragon Quest XI, speculating on XII, dreaming about Heroes…
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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM, S2 E29 – Listener Q & A (Part Two: Beej’s Answers)

Welcome to Dragon Quest FM! It's the second and final portion of our listener Q & A! This week, B.J. is back and ready to answer all your questions!
Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM S2 E45 – Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Wishlists

Next year is the 35th anniversary of the series, which means we will hopefully get lots of DQ goodies next year in the West! We know Square Enix and Armor Project have things in store, but we don’t really know what those are yet - and we definitely don’t know…
Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM, S2 E46 – Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Austin

This week on Dragon Quest FM, Beej is going solo! Austin is super sick (but don't worry, he test negative for COVID-19) and is unable to record. Because of that, Beej is taking a look at all the things that make Dragon Quest XI S so darn special. From glorious…
Dragon Quest FM

Which Dragon Quest Game Should You Start With?

We get asked a lot about which Dragon Quest game you should start with? Should you start with DQXI because it's the newest one? What about DQVIII because it's one of the most well-known and well-beloved? Or should you, like many suggest, start all the way back at the beginning…
Dragon Quest FM

Best Friends and Boon Companions in Dragon Quest – S2 E36

For our second episode on archetypes in the Dragon Quest series, we’re focusing on the booniest of all boon companions...the best friend.
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