DQFM 09 – Dragon Quest Builders 2 Initial Impressions

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It’s our early impressions of Dragon Quest Builders 2! We’ll have no real story spoilers in this episode, since the game is so new. Anything we discuss story-wise is something you could see in the promotional materials before the game’s release. Today, we’ll mostly be talking about gameplay mechanics, side quests, and just things we liked with the game.

We discuss the poll results for our August 2nd episode, as well as our reactions to those poll results and something we’re totally gonna call “The Spiteful Manga Episode.”

Some highlights of our discussion include: the ways Builders 2 is better than the first game,  mini-medal puzzles, NPCs forming lines to poop, and hunting for rare artifacts! Plus, listen to Austin have serious trouble with pressing a button and getting the Bottomless Pot to work correctly. You’ll also hear our thoughts on the Switch version (which is the version we played). Spoiler: it runs great on Switch and we love it!

If you haven’t bought the game already and are interested, just click on these links below:

Dragon Quest Builders or Dragon Quest Builders 2

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