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This npc is obviously called a thug. Not a toughie. :p

Who is the Best Dragon Quest NPC? – DQFM S2E35

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This week, we’re talking all about the unsung NPCs in Dragon Quest games. From our favorites, to icons, to weird oddities we’ve stumbled upon in the games.

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So…we have two questions. Does Dragon Quest have the best NPCs? And of those, who is the best Dragon Quest NPC?

Other games have good NPCs that feel like real characters.  Trails of Cold Steel has some pretty good NPCs, and so does FF IX. But they aren’t necessarily iconic like bunny girls and toughies and even fez-wearing merchants.

Even the story that drives DQ7 is pretty much all about NPCs. The player characters don't have nearly as much going on as the various people in towns and villages that you're exploring.

Iconic DQ NPCs

  • Puff-puff girls
  • Toughies – “Cor blimey!”
  • Nuns and priests
  • Merchants (fez hat, vest, usually fat)


Austin’s Screen Rant post about DQ 10:

Ryan’s Dragon Quest 10 review trailer:

Austin's DQ NPC article on GtG:

The Weird DQ NPCs

We also talk about the weird ones. Because DQ has some really weird NPCs doing really weird stuff. Some real oddballs.

  • The puff-puff girl and her puff-puff daddy in DQ 11 (callback to DQ3)
  • The guy who’s chasing his maids around the house in DQ 7
  • Dr. Agon in DQ 5 (But not in Your Story!)
  • The Platypunk King guy who give mini-medals to in DQ Heroes 2. “Whaddya want? Whaddya want?”

What about Our Favorites?

You will just have to listen and find out! Hah!

Be sure to give us a yell on Twitter at @dragonquestfm, @professorbeej, or @dragonquaustin and tell us your favorite Dragon Quest NPC!

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