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Dungeon Glitch Merch Review

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a geeky woman in possession of a good shirt must be in want of showing off that cute shirt. Especially if it is Dungeons & Dragons related. And such it is today because just check out this amazing shirt AND mug that I received from Dungeon Glitch!!

Disclaimer: While I won the shirt in a giveaway, the mug was provided to Geek to Geek Media for review purposes. It has not impacted the outcome of this review.

Dungeon glitch shirt and mug

Epic Shirt of Dragon Slaying

The shirt from dungeon glitch
<em>Im no model but this shirt is model worthy<em>

This shirt. What can I even say? It is perfect.

I received the “What Doesn't Kill Me Gives Me XP” shirt in the next level womens triblend style, purple rush. The color is beautiful and it's my favorite shade of purple. As someone who has made tee shirts in the past, I have to say that the design is very well made. I have washed the shirt several times now and there is no fading or pulling up at the edges at all.

Lately, we have been in a crazy heatwave here. I'm from Alaska and “hot” weather to me is 80. However lately it has been over 100 and going to continue that way for a while. This shirt has been getting a lot of use during this heatwave as it is a nice, thin material that is soft and comfortable while not just adding more heat.


Rolling some d20s
<em>This image has been staged based on idyllic circumstances<em>

While I can't say for certain that this shirt holds magical properties, I will just add that I have been rolling more natural 20s when wearing it. Coincidence?

Note: We can neither confirm nor deny that these shirts are enchanted. If you roll a natural 1 in your next game while wearing this shirt, it is likely the fault of your dice being jealous of how stylish you look.

Mug of Self Care

The mug of self care

You have just returned to the musty tavern at the edge of town after a long hard battle. The adventure was difficult and your body is tired. It is time for some self-care. What better means of said self-care than by getting a mug of warm tea (or beverage of choice). Served in your Dungeon Glitch Self Care mug.

This is a great mug! It feels nice to hold and is large and holds up well to washing. However, I just have one small issue with it. The spelling. In my understanding, self-care should have a hyphen, and while the lack of one is perhaps a stylistic choice, I still feel that it needs to be brought up. If grammar or spelling bothers you, this may not be the best for you. However, the cute health potion drawing makes up for it for me.

Support Small Business

Everyone who I have talked to with Dungeon Glitch and Gemmed Firefly (who they are teamed up with) is wonderful. If you like to support small businesses and get geeky merchandise, they've got you covered.

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