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Nintendo Switch Games to Play in October 2021

It's spoopy season, the new Switch OLED is about to launch, and there are a whole lot of brand new games coming to the Switch to play! Read on to see a few October Switch games our team is hyped for.

SGC – Short Games Collection #1 – October 1st

I absolutely love the idea of this package of small, weird indie games that wouldn't get released on the Switch on their own. I expect this to be a bizarre, surreal, offputting set of games, and that can be a heck of a lot of fun! -TroytlePower

Toree 2 – October 4th

I absolutely adored the first Toree game, so I'll be there on day 1 for the sequel. I'm just shocked that it's still only 99 cents! – TroytlePower

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – October 5th

Okay, so this one isn't actually a new game, but it's a huge gap in the Switch's library. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is, in my mind, the absolute peak of the LEGO formula. It's got a great sense of humor, a super fun overworld to explore, and a massive cast of characters. The lesser sequel has been on the Switch for ages, but it's great that the original will get here just in time for folks to play through it before LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga revamps the format this coming spring. – TroytlePower

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania – October 5th

If you’re like me and missed out on Super Monkey Ball when it was in its prime, this is the game to jump on to make up for lost time! Functioning as a “best hits” of the first three games, Banana Mania is primed as both a gateway entry and a nostalgia bomb, a-peel-ing to both newbies and veteran rollers. Plus, you can put Hello Kitty in a rolling ball right next to the main character from Yakuza, and that has to be worth something. – Data_Error

Exophobia – October 5th

I'm really digging the way this game approaches a retro aesthetic. Instead of going for a straight “old school Doom” feel, it looks to me like a SNES game turned FPS. It's weird, but I super dig it! – TroytlePower

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – October 5th

It looks to basically be Smash Bros in the Nickelodeon universe. Beat up Spongebob as Invader Zim! Powdered Toast Man can fight Leonardo from TMNT! – Elinzia

Jack Axe – October 7th

Jack Axe purported to combine Filipino & Norse mythology in a 2D action game with a great illustration and pixel art style.
– TroytlePower

I'm actually really looking forward to this. Love the art style. Love that Jack is a girl. And I love that she and her sisters are just out to beat everyone up in this sidescrolling platformer. I can't wait to play it! – Elinzia

The Lightbringer – October 7th

I've had my eye on this boomerang-based, Zelda inspired platformer for a while now. If the trailer doesn't hook you right away, try out the demo on the eshop! – TroytlePower

Metroid Dread – October 8th

Nintendo fans have been clamoring for a sequel to Metroid Fusion for decades and at long last, it's finally here! This continuation of the 2D branch of the Metroid saga appears to have a darker tone than its predecessors with Samus being hunted down by a murderous robot. Metroid Dread is said to be the conclusion of the plot arc that began with the original NES Metroid, so it will be very interesting to see where this goes. – Capsulejay

Tetris Effect: Connected – October 8th

I love Tetris (I've even made a lot of Tetris blankets and things). So this gorgeous “reinvention” of Tetris has me intrigued. While I will certainly not be able to try the VR aspect of it, I'd love to hear from anyone who does to see what you think! – Elinzia

Crysis Remastered Trilogy – October 8th

Sure, these games will look better if you pop them on an Xbox through Game Pass, but having all three available in one collection on the Switch is pretty awesome! – TroytlePower

Critadel – October 13th

With an epic name like “Critadel” how could you go wrong?? Then add to that name some “infinite platform shooting action” with fun mechs and virtually limitless varieties of weapons? It looks pretty fun! – Elinzia

Angry Alligator – October 19th

Maneater + Untitled Goose Game = Angry Alligator? – TroytlePower

Spectacular Sparky – October 20th

Just look at all the wacky goodness. “Sparky is an adorably insane intergalactic bounty hunter who can dash through obstacles, fire his weapons in any direction and even extend his jumps by flapping his long space-rabbit ears“.
What's not to like here? – Elinzia

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy – October 26th

Square Enix being able to take us into the world of Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely something we have been keeping our eyes on here. As a huge fan of Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and all the rest, I can't wait to see how well this game does! – Elinzia

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water – October 28th

Frame games are dark psychological and supernatural horror games in which the protagonist must use a camera to capture evil spirits. Maiden of Black Water tells the story of three people that find themselves drawn to a forest said to be haunted by the ghosts of suicide victims. The demo of this game showcased an exceptionally creepy atmosphere. Hopefully, it can offer a bone-chilling experience without mishandling its sensitive subject matter. – Capsulejay

Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi – October 28th

I’ll admit, I rarely have the stick-to-it-ive-ness needed to see an Odyssey-style dungeon-crawler to the end, but I love seeing the first few regions of them every time. Labyrinth of Yomi looks to delight in the same way, with a dark-urban-fantasy setting that permeates its story and art style from tip to tail. And if a brief look at the wiki is anything to go by, the mechanics driving this one are going to be good and crunchy. – Data_Error

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars – October 28th

We at Geek to Geek are massive board game fans and massive JRPG fans. So what could be better than a JRPG delivered through the stylings of a tabletop game? While the story in the demo so far is surprisingly simple for a game bearing Yoko Taro’s name, it’s the presentation that cinches it. Everything comes through a single “game master”, your equipment is dealt in the form of cards, and you hop your marker around tiles to trigger events. Sounds like a great night around a (virtual) table to me!  – Data_Error

Mario Party Superstars – October 29th

I LOVE the Mario Party games, so I am excited for this one! 100 minigames from the Gamecube and N64 are coming back and classic boards from N64. But what I'm most anxious/excited about?…online play. Supposedly Mario Party Superstars will offer online support so you can play with friends around the world. I've been burned by that before from Nintendo, but here's hoping it happens. I would love to be able to play this with my nephews and nieces, as well as other family and friends around the country!! – Elinzia

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