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Q&A With Our Creators: Kelley Hightower AKA Kels or Spiral-24

Throughout our Spring Fever Party we are taking a closer look into the inner workings of our creators. That means… Question and Answer posts!! Get to know these amazing individuals (and groups) a little better. See who you would want having your back during the zombie apocalypse. Today's Q&A comes to us from Kelley Hightower, AKA Kels or Spiral-24!

1. Who are you? What do you do for Geek to Geek?

Kelley Hightower (Kels/Spiral-24)

2. How did you start writing/podcasting/streaming?

I started as a cohost on the ScifiGenre Podcast in 2010.  I went on to start my own show about geeky dating and relationships in 2012 and have been a featured guest at conventions all over the United States, hosted speed-dating events, and been getting up to no good for nearly a decade.         

3. How did you become affiliated with Geek to Geek?

Geektitude’s Joe Hogan contacted me to come on as a co-host for his Valentine’s Day episode.  Being skeptical at first (I had been ambushed and attacked on other podcasts under the guise of being invited on as a guest) I spoke with Joe ahead of time and we became the best of friends immediately.  Through him I met Todd, Bama, Beej, and eventually Elinzia, who asked me to join Geek to Geek.

4. Why would you consider yourself a geek?

There are things that I enjoy like a “Normal” person, and then there are things that I enjoy and I become OBSESSED with them.  I’m looking them up on Wikipedia, joining forums to discuss them with like-minded individuals, and spending money on them – those are the things I consider myself to be a geek about.  Video games, Tabletop RPGs, Movies, Books, Miniature painting – I’m obsessed.

5. Who is your favorite superhero?

I’ll pick one for DC: Batman and one for Marvel: Captain Marvel

6. What skills do you have to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Since the zombies are the least of your worries during an apocalypse, I’ll use my fast-talking/storytelling skills to maneuver around the leftover humans.  I’m also pretty good with a baseball bat and a hand axe.

7. What is your favorite type of geekery? (movies, tabletop games, video games, books)

Sophie’s Choice Question!  Tie between video games and tabletop RPGs.  I’ll go with RPGs because it makes for a better answer to number 8.

8. How did you get into that?

In 1996 a friend of my boyfriend’s invited us to play in a 2nd Ed D&D campaign.  I saw that you get dice, minis, and you get to play-act/pretend with your friends, and I was hooked from then on.  I’ve been lucky enough to have fantastic DMs, and was in a steady gaming group that met weekly for eight years.  RPGs are life.

9. How many square feet of pizza can you eat?

Lindsey lohan saying the limit does not exist
The limit does not exist

10.What is your favorite form of exercise? How will that help with the zombies in question 6?

Favorite?  Yikes.  I enjoy hiking, but mainly because I get to pack a picnic lunch.  I’m good at pathfinding and sitting still for long periods, so the zombies might shamble right past me and my pasta salad.

11.Favorite song?

Hozier, “It Will Come Back” and Kaleo, “Way Down We Go

12.Star Wars or Star Trek?

Sophie’s Choice again!  I love both, almost equally, but Star Wars is such a large universe that I think it has a slight edge in my heart…also Adam Driver played Kylo Ren…but then Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan – ahhhhhh!  I can’t choose!  Star Wars.

13.Favorite board/card game?

Exploding Kittens

14.Super Mario Bros or Zelda?

Zelda – better princess

15.Which 3 Geek to Geek members would you want on your team in the zombie apocalypse? Why?

  • Joe Hogan – Because I'm loyal and I know he can put up with me
  • Bama – Because I know “A country boy can survive
  • and Elinzia – because she's a badass at multitasking and I will need someone to complain to about boys (aforementioned and in general).

16.What is the most embarrassing fashion fad you have ever rocked?

I own six pairs of Crocs – mostly flip-flops – and I'm not embarrassed in the least.

17.If aliens asked you to go with them… would you?

To their homeworld?  Maybe.  To a sushi/cocktail bar?  Absolutely, I'll drive.

18.If you could be any character in a video or tabletop game… who would you want to be?

Commander Shepard of the Normandy SR-2, female…red-hair…eyebrow scar (Mass Effect)

19.Favorite Disney movie?

Beauty and the Beast

20.What fruit or vegetable would you prefer for throwing at zombies?

What’s up with the zombie questions?  You know something we don’t?  Probably mangoes because I do not enjoy them.

21.What was the last TV show you binge-watched?

Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix – meh

22.If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Sneak into the movies.  Are the smuggled snacks in my pocket also invisible?  Am I naked?  Movie theatres are cold, so this might affect my answer.

23.What is your favorite snack food?

White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

24.Name one cool feature you would add to your dream house if you could

Podcast Studio with built-in wet bar (which I am actually planning to build)

25.What is the most random, rare form of geekery you love?

Bone collecting – I’ve got a massive collection of skulls, antlers, and other various mammal bones.  I’m putting my biology degree to use!

Is there anything else you’d like to add, Kels?

Sitting in line at the bank today I had the impulse to start paying my two cats a weekly allowance.  Nothing big, just a little pocket money for snacks and toys.  Then it occurred to me that often cats don’t have pockets, and I would have to keep up with whatever tiny amount of wealth they amassed, and then I decided to not do it because it’s just more bookkeeping for me and who needs that?  Wait.  Stop.  Where are you going?

Where can people find you?

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