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S5E10 – Final Fantasy Extravaganza! FF7 Remake Demo, FF XV DLC, and FFXIV – “It bothered me a little bit”

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In This Episode:

We talk about where we stand with the Final Fantasy franchise right now. There’s the FFVII Remake Demo on PS4, some FFXIV Shadowbringers talk, and even Void getting to the FFXV DLC that really should have been part of the main game!

FF7 Remake Demo, Misc Thoughts:

Void – Combat is fine. Not the best, not the worst. Curious to dig into the materia system.

Beej – it’s not great, but at least it’s not totally button mashing with no real depth

Void – Likes it better than FFXV.  It feels more responsive.

Beej – It feels like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV had a baby, and XV has the dominant genetics 

Void really wants to replay it in “classic” mode to see how it feels.

No jump button. Beej hates. You jump like in older 3d Zelda games, by running up to a ledge. It’s awkward. And I want to jump while running around, dangit.

The buttons change their function based on combat, so if you get aggro and expect to dash away, think again. You’ve just opened up your tactics menu for a party member.

The character swapping/menu opening during combat seems counterintuitive. Pressing X to open the menu instead of the D-Pad Up/Down made Beej constantly swap party members back and forth when all he needed was a Potion or to cast Thunder. Other SE games trained us that D-pad was how menus work in real-time ARPGs. Why change it now? WHY?

It’s already obvious that it’s going to be much more fleshed out, both in terms of the world and the story. It will be filling in the gaps between the screens of the original while still making everything logically connect on the map is super impressive.

Our primary concern is making the city of Midgar not seem samey all over. We want diverse locations and neighborhoods.

The voice acting is top-notch — except for Barrett. If he never speaks again, it will be too soon.

Cloud and the others are all distinct and unique and it never felt out of place the way some voices feel in games.

Talking to you as you move through the levels like in FFXV, getting to know your companions organically.

Hype Level and Final Impressions?

Void – much more excited (and I was already excited)

BJ – I’ll buy it now. (Had cancelled my preorder and was waiting on initial opinions from people I trust)


Gladio – What if FFXV was a series of melee battle challenges?

Prompto – What if FFXV was a Third person shooter?

Ignis – What if FFXV was an area control game?

There’s a part of Ignis’ story that should 100% be in the main game and not the DLC.  Can’t believe this got cut from the story of the main game. If there’s one DLC that you should play out of all of them… it’s this one.

Ardyn – What if we had more of the background story of the main villain of the game? Makes him even more sympathetic and understandable

Comrades – Just bad. Bad bad. Bad…bad. Bad.

Final Fantasy XIV

Austin started playing again with a new account on Leviathan, and so did Beej. Austin’s character is Vinn Astoltia and Beej is Lesser Wyrmsbane.

No idea how much either of us will be on, but feel free to hit us up. We have a Free Company called Bluth. It’s Arrested Development themed, and we have a house in Mist.

Beej is kind of tired being the human lady he was through Heavensward and Stormblood. Likely gonna toss a tenner at the Mogstation to get a vial of fantasia to change my appearance. Let’s be honest, he’s gonna probably go back to Lalafell. Because Beej.

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Weekly Geekery


Bonding on Netflix is funny, vulgar, and not for children. Morbidly fascinating and totally not for everyone.

Dragon Quest X on Switch

Austin’s how-to post did super well on the site and people went nuts on FB for it since someone broke it down on how easy it was to get working in the US. (https://geektogeekmedia.com/geekery/dragonquestaustin/how-to-play-dragon-quest-x-in-america-on-nintendo-switch-for-free/)

The whole of 1.0 and part of 2.0 are basically a free trial now, and you can play up to 440 hours.

Prologue is short, and you don’t really need to know Japanese to do it. (https://geektogeekmedia.com/geekery/dragonquestaustin/adventures-in-astoltia-part-1-playing-the-prologue/)

Combat is interesting. It’s not MMOish at all. Turn-based and menu-based, too.


Waking Sleeping Beauty is great. Watch it to learn about how Disney almost wasn’t an animation studio.

Dooku Lost really feels like they’re trying to wrap up the prequel trilogy expanded universe with new canon material. A lot of the most recent books touch on that time period and clone wars is coming back out

This is the first Dooku focused story that I’ve actually liked. It’s put together as a full-cast audio drama

This feels like them tying a bow on some things and cleaning up dangling plot threads before the High Republic era kicks off

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