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Bobby Bozeman

Pokémon’s (grassy) Route to Success

When my mom took me to Walmart to purchase a copy of Pokémon Blue on release day in September of 1998 (I was 11) with money that I had saved up my allowance for months to purchase, there's no way she could have known that this little $40 game you…
Bobby Bozeman

The Sequel Part 2: The Sequencing

Welcome back to my multi-part blog post on sequels! Sorry for the wait last week, there was a lot to juggle and honestly I couldn't put off cutting the grass any longer and that took forever because my area had a flood a few weeks prior so it was like…
Austin King

Let’s Play Yo-Kai Watch!

Yo-Kai Watch is a series you've probably heard of but maybe never played. You might know it as “that Pokemon-type game that Level-5 makes,” or maybe even “Shin Megami Tensei's charming kid brother,” as Polygon's Allegra Frank once called it. You've probably at least seen Whisper, the ghost, or Jibanyan,…
Austin King

The End of the Quest?

Once upon a time*, I proclaimed I was going to beat all the mainline games in the Dragon Quest series within a single year. It ended up only taking me nine and a half months. I've enjoyed (almost**) every moment of it. I think I flew through the games simply…
Bobby Bozeman

Let’s Talk about Video Game Sequels: Part One

Video games, more than any other medium of entertainment, revolve around continuing franchises -- long chains of sequels -- to the degree that when major developers unveil a new IP it's often huge news.
Bobby Bozeman

On constructing a good video game town

Video game worlds can usually be divided up into three fairly clean categories: overworlds, dungeons and towns. Dungeons get a lot of love, it’s true. But nothing quite makes me fall in love with a game or setting like a really well made town, city or village. I love towns…

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